DSD Laboratories, Inc. is proud to announce our official partnership with PTC for their industry leading supply chain product Servigistics. DSD was the implementor of Servigistics for the Air Force on the Enterprise Supply Chain Analysis, Planning, and Execution (ESCAPE) contract. With Servigistics, DSD and PTC help the US Air Force manage the most complex service supply chain in the world with more than 5,000 aircraft and 650,000 items and supports weapon systems in 1,500 locations across their global theatre of operations. Servigistics’ advanced data science and cutting-edge capabilities enable USAF to:

• Improve demand forecast accuracy
• Reduce planning workload
• Implement comprehensive supply planning with supportability
• Achieve near real-time supply chain metrics
• Improve logistics cost estimation
• Optimize aircraft availability by location

Servigistics was recently recognized by Blumberg Advisory Group’s Spare Parts Management Software State of the Art Benchmark report where they ranked Servigistics as an Expert and stated “Servigistics offers the broadest, deepest, and most configurable array of Service Parts Management (SPM) functionality available in the market.” DSD looks forward to bringing Servigistics to many other applications within the DoD for years to come.